hmm I didn't a lot of snacks with my son. I don't like giving him the same snack everyday. I first started with cheerios to help his motor skills and learn to pick things up with is fingers. heres some snacks I give my son. Carrot sticks, grapes, gold fish crackers, fruit snacks, bananas and strawberries, fruit bars, baby puffs! my son loved baby puffs. oh and yogurt my son loves yogurt.

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      yea just im still learning what to buy and how to buy and use coupons and find time to do it. Because homemade is actually cheaper than buying a box of precooked and frozen food to just throw in the oven. Home cooking goes a long way throught the week. My aunt homemakes food for a family of 6 and she is the only girl. so I was really surprised with how much few small things coming together can make. and she budgets so it helps her out in the money situation with being on a tight budget.
        yup just ilke baby food. if u can make ur childs baby food homemade why stop there? why not continue to make most of your meals if not all homemade? I mean right now im not making bunch of homemade foods because we don't have our own place and its hard to keep groceries around here and im picky bout where my groceries goes and what not. I don't like people touching or using all my food because I plan out what I want to make all week long and if somebody uses something while im gone then it throws me off. so when we move out in next couple of months I wil be making everything homemade and itll be easier to feed just us 3 instead of 10.
          Hi Aundreya: this is Mrs. lisa griffin : And my toddler Miss Katy griffin age 4 years old : she eats all of these foods too. they are very good. But we don' t use the blender to mix these . We buy it already to eat . (We cheat). I guess. thank you.
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