How to stop kid's bed wetting

​As for me I waked up my son at about 1 a.m and put him on the potty.

Moms Expertise
    well, first of all, we have to understand the cause of bed wetting. Sometimes it could be psychological, not physical. My nephew( he is 18 now) never wet his bed at home, but if he goes somewhere else, for example to sleep over in his friend's house, 90% chance he will get an accident. Yes, he drinks a lot, but I do not think this is a physiological issue. Some kids suffer from a weak bladder, when they cannot hold a large amount of urine for a long time. Try to make it positive for your kids. Do not ignore the problem, but do not talk about it every second in order to avoid an emotional damage.
      8Theresa Gould
      We would put ours on the potty before we went to bed too. But we still had a couple who were "late bloomers". They outgrow it. One of my sisters wet the bed for a long time and I just kept remembering that when ours went through it.