5 month old

My friends and I were wondering how much should an average 5 month old baby girl weigh?

    8Theresa Gould
    I think the general guideline is double their birth weight by s ix months, but that didn't ring true for my 8-9 pound babies, nor did tripling by a year. I'd say in the 15-18 lb range, but that's average. There will always babies who fall above or below the average. Don't quote me on the weight range as I didn't look it up, just going from memory here. :)
      I feel that falling into that "average" thing is a trap. I had huge babies. Both were 25 pounds at 6 months while one of my friends had a 17 pounder.
      Cut to 6 plus years later.. All kids are healthy and happy and well and in shape. The skinny one is on the middle and my tanks of children are just below the medium sizes in their classes.if your baby is happy and thriving don't pay too much attention the weight
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