Snowed in!

I seem to be the most productive when I am snowed in home alone and internet is down!!...I am officially on maternity leave so I have all the time i. The world....well not really I am due in 8 days!!....but I got most of what I wanted to accomplish done! My first official day off was productive

-I washed my sheets
-did my laundry
-cleaned my room
-washed Scarlett's bedding
-finished my hospital bag
-organized baby clothes
-made an eye apt
-went to the dmv
-got a pedicure
-took a nap
-called my insurance company about a breast pump
-made an apt to meet a pediatrician for tomorrow

And all I have left to do is some light cleaning around the house!! Hah snow days!!!

    Wow your a very busy mommy :)
      all i want to do is relax sleep and eat all day haha but Im nesting and my house is just not clean enough!!! I managed to sneak in a nap and pedicure today so I feel pretty good! I have the worst fear of going into labor and coming home to my house a mess!!! I want every poss corner scrubbed before it happens...only I don't want to actually do the cleaning hahaha
        isn't it the best feeling?! I totally got a burst of energy just now too and got up scrubbed my kitchen down cleaned my toilets and did my dishes..I keep going in spurts but I love having everything prepared..I want to come come to a nice clean perfect house when I get out of the hospital and feel yucky :)
          i agree its like #1 on my list haha I cant take clutter and mess on a good day!
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