Fighting cold season...

my three month has a cold any homeopathic ways to move this along faster? I just feel bad for my little man :( feeling helpless

Aw you are so sweet, Elizabeth.. thank you! It's so close! And essential oils.. amazing!! I use basic ones.. but swear by them.. I use peppermint oil for everything under the sun.. headaches, sore muscles, stuffy nose, pains, nausea.. the list goes on! Lavender is amazing for helping you sleep at night and relaxing.. Lemon is so good on a daily basis too.. the list goes on and on! I hear peppermint on the bottom of the FEET, if somewhat sick can help a ton.. I think Theresa Gould might know some about this too.. :)
8Theresa Gould
For colds we've used R.C., Raven, Breathe Again, Thieves and Peppermint. We use them mostly on our children's feet, but with chest coughs we would put the oils on their chest. For younger children it's suggested to mix the oils with olive oil or coconut oil, especially if they are new to the oils.
8Theresa Gould
Yes, we used them on them young. Only little bits and with a carrier oil so as to not "burn" their skin so to speak as some of them are "hot" as you know. We like to put them on the feet of our little ones. Have you seen that chart? The toe is for the head (fevers, headaches etc.), the arch is for the lungs and so on....the name of it is not coming to me...
    Yes I agree with Meg...essential oils can be very beneficial!
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