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I had my little man 02/18/2013 and even though I was a single mother I was blessed enough to have a great step mother who was super excited for a grand baby...She showed me it doesn't take a million bucks...In fact craigslist has some great finds and sharing your joy about your new addition may lead you into a conversation with a veteran mommy who is looking to get rid of all her baby stuff. Khalil was blessed so blessed I am still blessing people with things we never even opened. As far as rest goes please get as much as possible...Believe me you...This is your first-time meeting this little don't know them in and out yet and they may just be a night owl...My little guy is the lightest sleeper on earth I still get woken up. He is almost a year and goes to bed great, doesn't need a bottle, but he sleep crawls waking himself up and as a mommy check no matter what...I sleep about 4-6 hours a night and I am up by 8 at the latest...When he was younger it was every time he startled himself...or every two hours...I strictly was functioning off of coffee and b12 lol I was defiantly deprived I just learned how I function best...Lack of sleep causes lack of patients and you'll need all the patients you have lol sleep when they sleep and start a schedule as soon as possible...A stable mom makes for a happy stable baby...

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    I love your ending sentence! YES!!! Stability is key to a happy baby!
      Anxiety can be overwhelming ... but once managed all is good!
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