We write books.

​We write books. That sounds intense. It's not. Lol. My kids draw pictures and then we put them together randomly, staple and then make up the story as we go along the pages. It's pretty ridiculous. Like a mad libs. But fun.

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    very nice activity, Jessica-to write a book. May be one day your kids will do a present for you-their very own book.
    We love to do activities outside-like going to the park, zoo, nature centers. I love to explore the nature. I remember one day when we went to the park with my son, and he saw lot of trees falling down, and he wanted to build a boat from the logs. So our plan was to make some logs, bring it home and make a boat. Then we had a plan to tested our boat on the Mississippi River. It sank, and our plan to build a big one failed..:(
      8Theresa Gould
      Sounds like fun. Our children have done this on their own, it's been years since I did it with them.
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