I Smell!!

My son was curling up next to me last night as we watched a little tv before bed and books.. I had him on one side and my daughter on the other (okay, her feet were in my lap)... and he says to me, "You smell mom"... and I wasn't surprised as I hadn't showered yet and I worked out and did errands all day and I laughed and was ready to give him a smart comment about HIS smell.. and I said "What do I smell like?"

and he paused and thought and said, "Home".

WHatttt??? I almost cried... I remember my mom having a smell.. it wasn't distinct or of a perfume or anything.. she smoked too and I remember that being part of it, with like a spearmint gum, vodka smell.. LOL.. but the combination... somehow was comforting and ... was my mom... was home.. That smell combo represented safety and love... and I don't smoke or drink (much).. and I use a certain lotion everyday.. but it doesn't matter, it made me happy knowing that my smell made him feel ... safe...

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