As far as I can remember, all my three children wore pants with underwear on when they were already 1 yr old.

Basically, babies (boys/girls) from birth up to 11 months old they are just most of the time staying at home with their moms. Certain times come for their medical check-ups, invitations, attending friends/relatives parties, bring to church masses, or anything to do about going out to places that I would start train them to put on their pants with undies. Back then, buying clothes, toys & other stuff weren't hard for me. I belong to a big family of eight siblings. Thank God! I received a lot of children gifts from them plus my husband's side with his 4 sisters I am their only one sister-in-law. Although my 3 children are adults they are all independent now but still their aunts, uncles 7 cousins are very thoughtful and generous. I am so grateful to all of them and in return I just keep on cooking and baking what they all love to eat.

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