Thinking of switching...

We've been using disposable diapers since my daughter was born. I thought about doing cloth in the beginning, but I was worried I'd get overwhelmed. She's our first and I REALLY wanted to focus on breastfeeding so I opted for what seemed like the less stressful option of diapering by using disposable. I don't regret my decision because in those early months I had enough new stuff to learn, but now that DD is 7.5 months old I'm wondering about switching. Disposables are soooo expensive and I like the fact that cloth lets babies feel the wet so they can potty train easier.

The problem is I don't have a whole lot of cash right now to buy a bunch of cloth diapers. I was looking online and a set of 6 was like $100! I know in the long run it would save me on disposables but we can't afford $400 for the 24 diapers they recommend you keep on hand...

Am I missing something? Can I just use pre-folds around the house without a cover, or is that asking for trouble? What kind of pre-folds do I need for a 7 month old. All the ones I see at target say newborn...

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