iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy

I got a very bad iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy. My iron level was measured 8-9, which is very low. ​I felt so tired and weak that I could not walk outside, or do home chores. My skin looked pale, everyone was trying to mentioned my skin color and ask me if I am feeling ok. My doctor said I did not have enough iron because I was pregnant, so my body has to use iron for myself and additionally for my baby.

He also mentioned that in pregnant women, severe iron deficiency anemia has been linked to premature births and low birth weight babies. I did not want my baby to born premature. He suggested a blood transfusion for me, because my iron was too low, or start to take an iron supplement, but I will see the results no earlier than 2-3 weeks. I chose supplements.

You can actually prevent anemia if you will follow iron-rich diet. Foods rich in iron include:beans,dark green leafy vegetables, such as spinach,dried fruit, such as raisins, eggs, peas,red meats,seafood,liver.You can enhance your body's absorption of iron by drinking citrus juice or eating other foods rich in vitamin C at the same time that you eat high-iron foods.

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      8Theresa Gould
      I had low iron in my last pregnancy, as well as after a couple of my miscarriages. Not as low as yours, Elena, but enough that I was more tired and low energy. Molasses is another way to get iron, especially if it is blackstrap, which doesn't taste nearly as good as regular molasses! This, in addition to red meat like beef is how I got my iron levels back up, plus the other tips you shared.
      8Theresa Gould
      It's usually sweet, though Blackstrap isn't as sweet, to me at least. It's brown/black in color. I actually prefer it on my pancakes because that's what we grew up using. Here's a photo and description from Wiki:
      8Theresa Gould
      I buy it usually through my co-op. My favorite in the chain grocery stores is Grandma's Molasses.
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