survival tips for single parents

1. find a support group of people who can act as a board for you if you need help.

2. Try to build an emotional support for your child-go out to do some activities together or do crafts at home.

3. a single parent is a stereotype. Yes, there is a challenge not to have a back-up person around, but it is not the end of the world.

4. Try to be friends with your ex-, it's good for your kids and for you as well.

Any more suggestions, ladies?

Moms Expertise
    how about join

    as for me single parent it's not a tragedy - alot of my friends was grown only by their moms, without dad's support. And one of the most common thing this single moms did - they all learned their kids to be responsible. And it works.
    And ask neighbors to look after your kid - if you have neighbors)).
      Amanda Hurley
      Don't ever feel sorry for yourself. When I had Jasmine, I decided to go back to school. Her dad was not around, and my parents helped a lot. If I could not take her with me, I didn't need to go. All of my friends were completely understanding. I even found a moms group that met up a few times a month so I could have adult interaction and expose her to new children. We made it work. I am married now, but many days still feel like a single parent, because my husband works crazy hours.
      Elena, my husband doesn't travels a lot - but sometimes I feel the same). I think it's common for all us, women).
      Amanda Hurley
      Yeah, men can be idiots.
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