Having a second Baby

Sophia is 8 months old and I'm starting to get baby fever. I want a second and I would like to have them close in age. The Question is should we try now or should we wait. I hear transitioning from 1 to 2 is really hard. But just like having your first it's just an adjustment and figuring out your new normal. So scary yet exciting.

    8Theresa Gould
    It is scary and exciting. I think I felt like that with almost everyone of my pregnancies at one point or another. :) I think the transition from one to two is an adjustment because you go from being one on one to be outnumbered by one and only have two hands! I think you have a good attitude in realizing it will be a new adjustment but like all adjustments you can get through it.

    If you started trying now, you'd have children who are 17+ months apart. I have two girls who are 14.5 months apart and they are really good friends. Our two older boys are 18 months apart and while they fight and pick on each other they don't like to sleep a part!
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