Been holding things in.

My ex's fiancée has a very shady past, and when prefer her to not be around my baby. But at the same time it's wrong of me to keep Isabella from her father, brother, sister, two uncles, and her grandparents. And when I tired talking to my ex about it his fiancée became very rude and started cussing me out and calling me names. So I tried talking to his parents but they wouldn't listen. I know what she has done in the past and I really don't want her around Isabella, but it's wrong to keep her from her other family. I don't really know what to do.

    I think you need to do what you feel is best for you and your child. Sometimes things are hard... but follow your heart!
      My ex just thinks I'm jealous, and need to stop. He thinks that I'm afraid that his fiancée is trying to take my baby away. I found out that she has been listening to out convos. He and I only talk about baby except for once when I tried to explain what's going on. I didn't say anything to her, but she started something. So I told her when he and I talk about baby its between him and me not her. She got really pissy and told me to shut the f### up.
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      Hello everyone! I'm originally from Port Huron, Michigan but moved to Florida in 2004. I am a first time mother. Plus a single mother. My daughter is my world. Family means everything to me and I believe family isn't just blood. I love kids and always have. I'm a really shy person although I've been working on that. Well I don't know what else to really say, I'm not really good at 'about me' things. So if you want to know anything about, just feel free to ask. Hope you have a good day.