Wednesday Agenda!

Hi Moms!

What is on your agenda this Wednesday?


- a little morning work from home

- clean up and clean the house!

- a small half day visiting docs (BUT NOT FOR LONG!!!) :)

- barre class

- dinner and husband time! parents arrive TOMORROW to stay for a week! So could someone please send the cleaning fairy my way? hehe​

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        Amanda Hurley
        Sleep and rest. My back is still not doing well. I am waiting to hear back from the OB to find out if she is going to call something in.
          Amanda Hurley
          Wow, how do you do it?? If it weren't for Jasmine having to be on a bus at 750, I wouldn't see the light of day until 10 or 11.
          Amanda Hurley
          I know. Part of my problem right now is the pregnancy, back issues, and lack of vehicle. If I had a vehicle and were not having so many issues, I would be go go go too.
            8Theresa Gould
            2:15am got up to get ready for paper route
            2:25am daughter and I out the door
            2:35am-4:35am paper route
            4:35am-10am sleep
            Then I started to stir and took my time getting up. Ate breakfast in bed. The luxury I have some days with my husband home since he's been keeping the children on task and quiet! I watched some TV on my phone before getting up and chatted with the children who came in and out of our room. Then....
            -work online/some school with children since my husband had it all under control
            -visit from animal control about our poor old horse who everyone and their neighbor is concerned about - he's a 29 year old thoroughbred with barely any teeth and lost a bit of weight this summer and we've been struggling to get it back on him since. :(
            -work online
            -late lunch
            -basketball with hubby - some kiddos might come with us to play on the playground while the others stay at home and finish up school work/chores
            -work online or watch tv with hubby/children or read to children and laundry

            This is how today was, every day is slightly different!
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