I'm more infantile than my kids sometimes and sometimes... people need to just lighten up!!!

So, for those of you that know me a little now.. You know that I'm a total goofball... I have a foul mouth and love a good poop joke.. I'm very responsible and a good mom, but there is a side of me that is just... silly and for a long time.. I tried to hide it, but then as i got older and made close friends, I realized that not only was i NOT alone.. but, others were craving it for themselves too...

But Not everyone can be silly... and it annoys me...

Case in point: My kids ate a banana last night for snack... they both started giggling at the end of the banana, with the little brown stick thingy.. and they showed it to me and asked me what it was, so I told them. it's a "bananus".. My 18 year old niece was over for dinner and we all laughed like a bunch of idiots...

So, my niece posts it on my Facebook .. I didn't know,.. but I didn't care either.. I think it's stupidly and childishly hilarious..

So, a few 'likes" .. mostly from my "people" that know me and have the silly bone... but then I get an email from my room mom.. and she and I have laughed many times over things, but she says, 'What's up with the banana? You drunk?"

I told her.. it's not a banana. it's a bananus. and she didn't get it.. and thought i was crazy (drunk).. For the record, I was NOT drunk..

Anyway.. my point is... can't we all just settle down and lighten up and be silly? Life is hard and so serious and bills need to be paid and kids are sick and things are happening... I would lay down and cry, but I choose to be ridicuous and fun and laugh and be silly and vent ...

Am I crazy immature? lol... C'mon!.. A bananus... I think that's funny... ​

Moms Expertise
    For the record... I don't for one second think that everyone is going to like my sense of humor or find everything that i find funny to be funny... But to take it seriously... to not be able to step out of the seriousness and just giggle or roll your eyes.. bums me out.. life is too hard to be dark all the time...
      Amanda Hurley
      I love jokesters. I am not good at it myself, but I do love a good joke. I don't think you were drunk, you just decided to humor someone. There is NOTHING wrong with that, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
        8Theresa Gould
        I'm generally pretty serious but I can be very silly when in the mood to be. If it wasn't for my husband, who makes us laugh every day, our house would probably be a lot more somber. He balances me out. He and the children can get crude and laugh, but I'm a prude and it annoys me! I guess because I desire my kids to be polite and let's face it kids will say anything, anywhere, my fear is they'll say these crude things in public and I worry about what others think, instead of being happy they are happy.

        If it was just one person, don't worry about her. She obviously doesn't know you or your sense of humor or appreciate the fact you get your kids to laugh and have a good time together.

        And your bananus is cute, but my husband would appreciate it more than me! :)
        Theresa.. I think it's great that you realize that you may be the "somber" one.. I have friends like this and it's okay with me of course, but the ones that can laugh at themselves and know that they may be the serious ones and sneak a dirty little laugh out are my favorites.. It's the people that are too stuck.. or can't come out of themselves a little to either laugh at something ridiculous or laugh at the fact that they can't laugh about it..
        I'm HUGE in manners and politeness.. My kids and I get dirty and farty and I let them roll with it and sometimes join in, but I'm also very clear that there is a time and a place for it..
        OFTEN .. this is something you will hear me say... "Okay ... okay.. that's funny and joke all you want.. with ME.. but remember, this kind of talk isn't for everyone and NEVER talk like this in someone elses home" and they always acknowledge that what's okay for me and us.. may not be for everyone else.. They have to respect others boundaries as well..
        I never much care what others think .. I mean of course I DO.. but I also notice that if we are all at a table, giggling quietly that most always people will look over and smile.. Just like you and I, we love to see families having fun and enjoying each other.. I'm glad to know that your husband is the goofy one and I bet that's one of the things you love most about him.. even though he may be too crass or crude... And I bet he loves getting your goat sometimes too. I think it's sweet...
        I'm a Christian too and was raised in a "somber isn" household.. and thought that I had to be a certain way to be "good".. but then when I got older and didnt' want my kids to grow up in the low energy home I did, I let loose and know that even though I can be crass and foul mouthed ( NOT in front of my kids.. I DO have my limits lol).. and I can tell dirty jokes and still be good and kind and warm and loving.. it's just a side of me.. and it's just starting to come out more here...
        Thank you Theresa...
          Kat Mahoney
          I love it! You CAN be both! I am the same way. I play hard core gore video games, I have zombies and evil things playing on the tv, I have a foul mouth, and a sick sense of humor. However, I also write childrens books, run a military childrens organization, president of the PTA, was nominated National Military Spouse of the Year and military base Spouse of the Quarter. My kids are A+ students, they are so very very polite, and one of my sons even won Channel 7 news Kid of the Month and Radio Disney DJ for the month just for his community service and honor role. One time a parent said to me; "My son came to me and asked why your son always said Thank you or Yes Mame. And I told him thats because he was raised to be polite and you don't just turn that off." I hear that alot, my kids are so polite and kind, but when people add me to Facebook and see my crude jokes or foul language they sometimes cannot believe it! Am I the same mother who has these amazing children and work ethic? I AM! They often ask how my kids don't say those words or how I can be completely different in one environment to the next. My reply: COMMUNICATION! ... when you talk to your children, play games with them, RELATE to them on THEIR level, they trust you, they respect you, and they listen to you. My kids hear bad language from me that when they hear it at school, its not a big deal and they don't feel the NEED to repeat it. They listen to me when I tell them to be polite and I SET AN EXAMPLE when I'm around other people. I teach my kids to be REAL and that your friends should be real and that respect and politeness CAN CO-EXIST with a crude sense of humor. You have to know how to balance that and COMMUNICATE with your children! =) So for mothers who think you have to be prim and proper and never say a bad word, or think a bad thought ... its not a BAD thing to be that way, but sometimes they are only fooling themselves. A mom like that will never be HERSELF and laugh and be free because they are too busy trying to impress who? ... You can teach your children right from wrong without violating your own happiness to be yourself =)
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