I'm puzzled

So why is it so hard for other people to take care of their kids I mean I am as dysfunctional as they come and I do it! How can someone want to make another person suffer at the expense of their children ! SMH I just don't get it!

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    My ex and my boyfriend are both out to make the other suffer well my ex wants me to suffer and my bf wants my ex to suffer. However neither of them care that it's the kids who get hurt along the way. My ex gave up a really good job because he didn't want to pay me more then 400 a month in support yet my bf wants me to force him to get a better job and pay more ! It's so annoying one helped create the kids and the other doesn't want to take on full responsibility for them cause they have a dad. I tried for 13 years to get my ex to take responsibility. I can't get my bf to realize I am not able to get him to do anything. I live and breath my kids. They are stuck in the middle and it's horrible
      Hate to say it, but they BOTH sound Toxic. You can't make anyone do anything.. Tell your BF to lay off and let it go.. and your ex may come around on his own when the spite he feels subsides...

      When it becomes like THIS.. and you can't get them to see it, THEN it's up to YOU to take care of your kids and remove them BOTH from the bad situation.. .Sorry to say.. I'm a single mom.. I get it.. but it falls ALL on you now... YOU decided who is around your kids.. Get them OUT...

      Men are men.. with ego and pride... you are a mama protecting her cubs.. so protect them. They're not going to do it so you must.

      I'm sorry if I sound harsh.. I've seen a lot of these things go down and moms letting their exes and BF's fight and rally and ... ugh... YOU see it's toxic right? So, now it's up to YOU... NOT them ... they won't change.. you can...
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