Three questions

1. Do you/will you enforce a bedtime for your kids? Until what age?
2. Do you eat dinner as a family without tv or other distractions? How many times per week?
3. Do you have set rules about how much tv your kids can watch? How do you enforce them?

I ask because I read that the 3 most important things in fighting childhood obesity is having family dinners, limiting tv, and getting enough sleep. Exercise actually came after those things! This was pretty common parenting standards in the 70s but not so much now. I'm wondering who here still holds to "old-fashioned" parenting.

    As far as bed time is concerned I think that depends on the child , I have a 13,12,11,& 5 year old and their required sleep is different for instant I can let the 13 year old stay up until 10 and she would be ready to go in the morning no attitude or fighting but if I let my 12 year old stay up she is very unruly in the morning time same with my 5 year old if he isn't asleep by 8 at the lastest he is one unhappy camper in the morning. Watching tv at dinner we do a couple times a week but there are days where there is just so much to talk about we keep the tv off. However with the tv on or off it's important to have dinner together because it builds relationships and quality time.
    I was wondering how you handle different ages and bedtimes. My brother and I were 4 years apart but we almost always had the same bedtime (at least that I can remember). As I remember my bed time was 8:30 in elementary school, 9 or 9:30 in middle school, and then I didn't really have one in high school but I had a 45min trip to school every morning so I was happy to be asleep by 10ish.
      1. Yes i will enforce bedtime, I do now even at 10 months old. I would say i will probably enforce this until they are teenagers but even then she would have a cerfew and still has to get up for school in the morning, so no staying up all night.

      2. Right now our little is still a little young for family dinner, but since she is almost one and almost completely to table food, yes we will be having family dinners at the dinner table as many times a week as possible.

      3. Again we are too young still for serious TV watching, but I will be putting rules in place on how much TV is being watched.
        I thought I'd answer my own question:

        1. I will definitely keep a bedtime for my kids until they are at least in high school. Then it will probably morph into a curfew, but I still won't let them stay up too late on school nights even if they're home. I feel like sleep makes a HUGE difference in a kids attitude and potential.

        2. My baby sits with us every night at the dinner table even though she may or may not be eating. I do usually keep the TV on, but not every night. I'd like to break the habit but it's not top priority right now.

        3. I'm terrible at monitoring TV. I like the noise when I'm home all day. When my daughter is awake I'll try to keep it off while I clean or work since I'm not really watching anyway. If I do have it on while she's playing I'll change it to Disney Junior. She only watches a little but I figure it's better background noise for her then some other TV shows.
          1. YES! Always.. Until they're teenagers.. like 16.. But even then, I'll make sure lights out before 10 or 11...
          2. 4 to 5 times at a table as a family... 2 -3 times we have it picnic style.. or they do actually... whether it's with tv on or we are all watching a movie.. If I'm not eating yet, or it's a weekend when we've been together non stop... I DO like school nights at the table.. but it's a lot of work..
          3. They get tv in the morning for about half hour before we start to get ready for school. Weekends are different, I'm relaxed about it.. I'd say an hour.. but they usually get bored anyway... In the evenings on school nights its 30 minutes each.. So one chooses a show and then the other... if they don't want to watch the others show, they can play on the iPhone or computer... But we are all together..
          I enforce it by making the rules.. I started these riles very young and they just know them now and abide by them..
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