My Son's speech impediment...

My son since he began speaking had trouble with his R's... They were soft and he sounded like he might be from NY.. Not everyone noticed it, but some did.. and I worried like any mother does...

His pre-school teacher worked with him to help him, but it's like his mouth didn't form around them.. every other word was fine.. he had that R thing that was a "ahhw"...

Then he grew out of it.. sort of.. He's 9 now and around kindergarten it started to be better.. he could HEAR the difference and at least make an effort, sometimes OVER enunciating it, so it sounded hard and hollow...

As for today.. every now and then I can still catch it.. and if he's excitedly telling me something, he can easily get tongue tied... like his tongue doesn't form as fast as his mind... It's not an issue.. but, I just wanted anyone to know.. that most likely your child will grow out of it.. and it's okay if there is a twist on a sound they can't quite grasp.. ​

    Amanda Hurley
    That is good to know. My daughter is in Kindergarten, and we just got a note home saying she was having trouble with the "th" sound, as in teeth. She pronounces it like "f". I was worried, but am happy to know that she will grow out of it.
      8Theresa Gould
      I appreciate what you shared. A couple of my younger ones have some speech issues. I spoke to a speech therapist friend and she wasn't all concerned after I explained they can say the sounds, it's just they don't. It's a bad habit that certain sounds come out wrong. She just said to work on enunciating the sounds,practice saying words with those sounds, etc. We do this but in spurts not on a daily basis, which we should be doing.
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