Postpartum Wild Side

Did anyone else who was suffering postpartum depression just want to go out to the bar with her girls, dance, get smashed? I feel like it was something I never really got to do. I didn't really drink in college or anything, I'm only 21 and never have even been to the bar. I have just wanted to work out, get hotter than I've ever been, and just let loose since depression started setting in. Anyone else go through this?

    Are you sure it's depression and not just being 21 and a mom?

    I'm NOT 21.. and I STILL want to go out and get drunk and have a messy blast some times.. I think that the idea of it all is so much better than actually doing it and it's really just your body and mind craving time to yourself ... being a mom is SO much... that you are seeking a momentary escape from it all.. to say F it and just go crazy...

    I totally get it.. That feeling is strong. First, if you are depressed.. and have seen a doctor about it, be careful.. very careful.. you're not supposed to drink on any medication and drinking will make any depression worse, because it IS a depressive...

    But if you want to just escape for a night and be silly and pretend you don't have any responsibilities.. totally get that.. see if you can get someone to watch your kid (s)... go out and have fun.. take a cab home.. don't drink TOO much cause the next day with kids will SUCK.. but go have fun..

    I think when I get to that point of .. UGH.. I just want to go to Vegas for the weekend.. is when I need a break.. when I realize I've don'e NOTHING for myself in a long while...

    So.. do that first... I know you didn't party before you had kids.. but don't start now.. it will get ugly, fast... and take it from me.. you're not missing much.. You CAN have both though.. in moderation...
      I always joke that I skipped my 20s and went straight to my 30s. I graduated college at 21. I got married, bought my first house, and was working full time within 6 months of graduation. I've never been a big party-er and I've only been to a bar like twice. I guess I just wanted to use my twenties to get my life in order so I could enjoy having a family young.

      I was 24 when my daughter was born, which isn't really that young, but a lot of my friends aren't looking to have kids until their late 20s/early 30s so it seems young to them. Sometimes I get a bit jealous and I wonder if I really missed something by settling down so young. They're traveling, staying out late, dating, and having fun all the time so it's easy to want to go crazy and join them. It would be awesome to go to Europe or Asia and just wander around with no responsibilities.

      Then my daughter smiles at me and I realize my life is just fine :)
        Hmm.. I agree with Jessica Garvin.. I think it has less to do with "pp" and more to do with your age and not getting that RELEASE yet.. I had my "hay days" in college, I lived them up and loved it.. sometimes I think if anyone, boy or girl, doesn't get that OUT of their system.. at some point they wind up needing to.. I have even seen this in 30 year olds.. even guys.. that don't go off to college or have a few years of fun and carefree living. I would soul search a bit.. don't go crazy.. start doing small things for yourself.. you CAN still be a parent and be cool and fun.. it doesn't have to be one extreme way or another.
          I've never really felt the need to before, but since he was born (and I did have a bit of PP, but not severe enough to be medicated, I stopped pumping to sleep more and it took care of it) I just want to kind of leave him with his dad and go out with my girls. Maybe because I never really got a chance to go crazy, and haven't really seen the single life in 7 years. Maybe it's just cold feet to being a mom. Thank you, ladies, for your input! I do feel a bit guilty that I have only been a mom for almost 3 weeks and I already want to run away from it, it feels like.

          I'm not BF anymore, I planned to join a la leche group before I stopped. Making friends has always been hard for me. It seems all my friends are either still in college, not my age, or if they have kids, are too far away. Definitely hard. I saw a post once for the idea of a meet up, now THAT sounds more like my thing! We need to get on that, lol.
            i never had a wild feeling with post pardum... it was really really bad the other way.
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