Scary Movies???

Should we have our future baby watch scary movies at a young age. Thinking it will make it feel less scared of things happening as long as we tell the baby its just all fake? Will it help with being scared of the dark?

    Um... NO! LOL>. Really? No... They can't differentiate from real and fake until way later.. Scary movies initiate their imagination and opens doors that you can't close...

    To make them NOT scared.. be there for them, make them feel SAFE.. NOT show them scary movies... Show them GOOD images and kind images and fun and happy images so THAT'S what's in their brains when they are alone...

    Kids will get scared no matter what as they get older.. you can't change that.. you just have to deal with it, but NO.. showing them scary images and telling them it's not real is not the way... You will terrify them more.. and regret it greatly.
      It wont desensitize them.
        i'm in the minority here, but i think it's not that bad. maybe not a newborn or anything, but after toddler stage is okay. why? because i, and a lot of my friends, all started watching movies like poltergeist, nightmare on elm street, etc. very young (i think i saw the people under the stairs at four?) and the worst thing that happened was i would *sometimes* have nightmares. not all the time, though. i even named my sister's ken doll freddie because i thought he was a cool guy. be prepared for an unhealthy interest in the paranormal around age 12 though, because that will happen ;)
        That is what i really meant. Was the toddler age
          Umm... no. I think this is an odd way of thinking for you.. when you are little your fears are HEIGHTENED typically and you have no clue about rationalizing things like an adult.. think about it, if YOU get scared and you KNOW the real world.. how the heck would a little one remotely comprehend it all if they do not? I would definitely re-check that parenting tactic.. plus, why would you want to show them bad stuff in general? Kids are innocent.. there's really no sense or point in showing them that stuff.. I find it a little off that you want to.
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