BOTH my kids are auditioning for the talent show...

Oh man.. LOL.. BOTH my kids are auditioning tomorrow.. My son is telling jokes with his buddy.. they have a snare drum and everything.. Awesome..

My 6 year old daughter and her friend are doing a "dance" to Katy Perry's Part of me... First, I didn't know she knew that song but her friend has older sisters.. so... and their "dance" consists of some hands on the hips and pointing... lol.. I'm not sure she grasps that she needs to have a routine and practice..

I'm helping them today.. for one hour.. but they are determined to do it themselves.. NOT everyone gets into the talent show.. I hope they both do.. But then it's okay if they don't. Here we go...

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      I think that is totally awesome. I remeber when my sister did the talent show, it was quite comical. I never had the guts to get on stage and perform. I always liked helping out behind the scenes.

      Ironically though, I have a 14 year old daughter who just loves performing. She is a freshman in high school and their theater production just got to perform on the main stage at CETA. She has decided that acting in movies and tv is the career direction she wants to follow. We actually just moved out to California this past summer from Ohio to get her closer to Hollywood.

      Jessica, do you have any suggestions on schools in the area that would help her persue her dream? We have been looking at all kinds of summer workshops and stuff, but I do not even know where to begin.
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