Production Line

Well, since I make up a heap of bottles in one go I usually line them all up, pour in the distilled water then pour in the formula one bottle at a time, shake it up and move to the next one like a little production line. Then I stick them in the fridge until the baby is hungry, and then stick them in the warmer to heat it up again.
I still express breast milk for him so if I have some I will add to the finished bottle and mix it up, and in his night bottles I put a teaspoon of rice cereal.

Moms Expertise
Thanks :) I don't have a lot of time in the morning to be washing, sterilizing and making up bottles so it's just easier if I do them all at night, and then I can stick them straight into my baby bag in the morning when I take him to day care. Luckily I also have one of those microwave sterilizers. My god that thing is a godsend. I have to say it's my #1 baby item. Makes things so much easier.
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