..friends that make things sound magical!

A semi vent session.. but do any of you have friends or a friend that makes things sound way more magical, important or glamourous than things really are...? I'm not sure why it bothers me, but it does.. I have a friend who does this with a lot of things.. I used to get jealous or be like "hmm" she's got it going on.. until I realized.. she doesn't, she just makes it SEEM like she does.. I guess I'm not one to love bragging and boasting.. I always thought if I am content and happy with my life, why do I have to boast about it?

Okay... end rant :)

    I have a couple friends who do that too.
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        Yup. I have some that do that. And I knoww that it's total bullshit but I just smile and nod and say " that's great!". hehe

        Actually my sister -in-law is one of them who acts like everything is wonderful and bubbly on facebook and is opposite. lol I guess I rather be straight forward even if it's not good news. But I'm always supportive & nice!
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