Super Mom? I think not...

Today I learned that all but one of my current professors think I am a "super" mom. Why do they think this? Because I "can manage to get to class half an hour early, pay attention, answer all questions, and still have my work turned in on time." Seriously? I become a mom and suddenly they expect less out of me....seems a little unfair. I mean it's nice to know they would have given me slack if I needed it (which I am sure I will if my little one ever gets sick) but seriously, they expected me to be late, sloppily dressed, and giving them excuses for why I don't have my assignments. Never! They will never see me any other way than they do now. I am very disappointed that any educator would automatically assume that I would do anything less of what is expected of a student without children. I'm not "Super Mom", I'm just a mom trying to finish my graduate degree.

    8Theresa Gould
    It's awesome you are doing so well and proving to them that a mom can do what she set out to do while caring for her baby. Good for you!
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