Valentine's Day is right around the corner....

Like literally right around the corner, our neighbor just threw up Valentine's Day in her apartment and I LOVE it! Her boyfriend is in the Air Force and will be coming home the day of Valentine's Day (apparently it's their 4 year anniversary) and she wants to be ready. Four years as just a military girlfriend, and before that they were dating for 2 years...That's six years of military bs (deployments, training, him moving farther away) with no real commitment. Think she's getting a ring this year?

But seriously, her apartment has pink and red streamers, she bought his favorite perfume on her and started "scenting" her apartment. She is even working on a banner for him (which I can't wait to help her on next week). All I could think when she kept pulling new stuff out of the bag was "how long has it been since you've seen him?" Her response: "Oh he is getting back from a year and a half deployment, but I see him all the time on Skype." I didn't realize Skype counted as seeing him, but I guess it does. She is putting in so much work for Valentine's Day, I feel a little guilty that all I was going to do was find a babysitter so I could go to dinner with my husband.

Of course now I am trying to find ways to make our first Valentine's Day with the baby a special one. Does anyone have any tips? I am open to all suggestions! =)

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