I was just wondering if any of you moms know about cross nursing.

I tried asking my baby's doctor about it . But she wouldn't really tell me anything about it. She just said this is the United states and we don't do that here.

    It used to be quite a wide practice among wealthy families. It is even written about in Romeo and Juliet. Juliet's nurse mentions her being fed from her breasts to Juliet's mother, so it is an old, if not culturally preferred, practice. I'm sure the milk would be perfectly safe since you know who it is coming from. Some people sell theirs online, don't they? Now THAT I would be sure to test!
      I think it's an absolutely great idea if your SIL is willing and you trust her. People might be weird about it but just ignore them. Your kid, your rules.

      The US is really weird about breastfeeding in general. It's like we look at breast milk as some icky bodily fluid that can only be stomached by babies. It's just milk. Technically we all cross nurse every time we drink cow's milk. That's just breast milk from cows! The only difference is it's pasteurized most of the time.

      Lauren is right. Cross nursing has been and is practiced all over the world. The term "wet nurse" refers to a nanny who also breastfeeds the babies they care for. Wet nurses have even been referenced in the bible! In Africa many tribes sort of team care for the baby. Whichever mother is available breastfeeds the baby the same way an available adult here would give a bottle. Think about it, before formula how else would babies survive if they lost their mother or they're mother couldn't produce?
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