Menstrual Cup

Do any of you use this to deal with AF? I read an article on it and now I'm seriously considering buying one, but I was wondering if anyone had any experience with one.

For those who haven't heard of this (I didn't until a few weeks ago) It's an alternative to pads and tampons. Basically it's a silicone cup that you insert, similar to a tampon, that catches your flow and then you rinse it out. My first reaction was ewww, gross but the more I read the more interested i became. Here's why:

1. You never have to buy tampons again. One cup lasts for a year minimum and is made from medical grade silicon that won't degrade or get gross. It's about $40 for one, but I spend way more then that per year in boxes of pads/tampons.

2. You only have to empty it every twelve hours. Change it when you wake up and then once in the evening, the rest of the time you don't have to worry about it. No packing tampons and pads everywhere you go.

3. No leaks. The silicon bends to fit perfectly and actually creates a little vacuum so even doing sports or swimming there aren't any leaks. Plus it's large enough to hold even the heaviest flow days.

4. Promotes fertility because it allows all of the tissue to leave your uterus each month, unlike tampons that just absorb the blood. Build up of old tissue can make it difficult for an egg to implant properly.

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      I bought the Diva Cup. But haven't had a chance to try it yet as I'm 7 months PP and my friend still hasn't come back!! I'm a bit scared to try, but hope it works out!
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