My 9 year old could't sleep.. Life is getting complicated.. :)

My son is 9.. And around midnight got up to pee and then go back to bed.. I checked on him, all fine. an hour later he comes in and tells me he can't sleep... I got him some fresh water, re tucked him in, fixed his sheets and kissed him and left.. 30 minutes.. .he's at my bedside.. he can't sleep.. I told him to give it time and to just lay quietly... 20 minutes later.. nope...

My first reaction was to be irritated, but then I thought of how MANY COUNTLESS nights that I toss and turn.. and why at 9.. when life is getting more complicated would it be much different..

SO, I laid with him in his bed and asked him what was on his mind, besides his allergies bugging him maybe... many things... the talent show auditions, homework, the social studies project, missing his dad then Seeing his dad on Sunday, etc.. blah blah... and I thought yeah.. that's enough to keep someone awake...

It was actually really nice though... I was exhausted and it was 2 a.m and I had yet to actually fall asleep myself but to talk to him in the dark, whispering while his sister slept across the room was actually really a great moment..

I reminded him that school work was school work and you do your best and then let it go.. that by not grasping fractions right away will not determine... well.. anything right now.. I reminded him that he's funny and to be bold and just auditioning for the talent show is amazing and to not worry about anything other than having fun... And that I STILL get nervous doing a show and I've been on stage a thousand times for ten plus years...and to use it to his advantage.

I reminded him that even though his dad moved to NY, that he loves him and that missing someone is OKAY... and feeling sad is OKAY and that it's all apart of his story to tell and what will make him, HIM...

I said anything else? And he said, nope that about covers it.. I reminded him of the words that really help me and let me chill..

Let go, Let God... You do your best, be your best and the rest is exactly as it should be..

Oh and I gave him half a benadryl... (allergies are bad the sleepy effect was just a bonus)...

He fell asleep after that.. Was probably one of my most favorite moments with him i a while..

I'm really tired though..

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