Ugh. Crawling.

Avery is still not crawling. Not precrawling or even attempting to move on her own. She can roll both ways but doesn't like too. However, she is a great sitter and can pull up to standing if she can reach something enough to grab. The problem is because she doesn't crawl she can't get to anything to pull up on. She just sits in the middle of the room and cries until we move her.

I tried tummy time and she just rolls onto her back. I tried putting her toys out of reach but she either gives up and sucks her fingers or cries. I don't know what to do! She'll be 8months soon!

    Don't WORRY!!! My kids were about ten months when they started crawling... Don't move her when she fusses. let her fuss.. Put the toy just a bit out of reach... sit down next to her but far enough she's got to work to get to you..

    Seriously... Don't worry... She will take off before you know it..

    Do you have a gymboree class or a mommy group? Maybe even try one out for free and she will see other babies crawling and it will inspire her.. Or the park? Or indoor playground? Peers help a LOT
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