Stop the Mommy Wars

A cool story on a photo campaign designed to "stop the mommy wars" and encourage mothers to support one another rather than criticize. It's so true as women and mothers we are all on the same boat, we are in it TOGETHER, and women should just support other women. So wether your a Stay a Homer, or a full time working, a nursing or formula momma...we should embrace all kinds! And remind ourselves mothers have been raising children for thousands of years in various ways and civilization has managed to go on. There is no one way to raise a child, but we can all support each other while we attempt to figure it out!

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I am Leah, a 26 year old first time mom. My daughter Holly was born March 9,2013. I am primarily a stay at home mom but also work part time as a Figure Skating Coach. My husband and I are enjoying life as new parents. SITE HOSTESS