I think one of the most powerful things we can do for our children is encourage them, boost their self esteem and see them smile. My son brought home his report card, and was a little discouraged that he brought home his very first C. ( He's 11 in 5th grade). I told him how very proud I am of him, as this year is totally different. This was his first year of changing classes for every subject, a different teacher for every subject etc. I explained to him that a grade doesn't determine who you are or what you can do. ( Please don't get me wrong because I always encourage and reward for good grades) I encouraged him to just try his best to bring the grade up, ask questions if he doesn't understand. As a mother of 3 ( with completely different ages) it's sometimes hard to balance. I reminded my son that he is intelligent and that he is not expected to be perfect. He's expected to try his very best at everything. The sign of relief on his face was priceless. Although children can test our limits, push us to the edge at times, I believe encouragement and positive feed back, no matter the situation, can make a difference in how a child may view themselves as a person:)

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    You gave you son the best encouragement. Letting him know that he is bright and intelligent will help him bring that C to a B and eventually an A!!!! Wish more parents were as supportive of their children. Just continue to give him positive feedback and he'll be just fine
      Great advice :)
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