surviving being a single mom

Sleep when you can; learn to make quick, healthy, and easy food that can be reheated or prepared quickly; make lists of small things you can do each day to keep your house clean and your sanity; take a few hours each month for yourself; don't stress about the small stuff, it will all work out; sit down and realistically plan your priorities and what you will accept and what you won't - don't settle for less, but realize things will change and life will change; don't put more pressure on yourself and/or your child than necessary - if you don't want to go to a mommy group or a play date, do not feel obligated; enjoy the snuggles and hugs as much as you can; find people who value YOU and not what you can provide for them; grieve what ever expectations or lifestyle you had - allow yourself to be sad for what you may have missed or can't enjoy, but also realize how awesome it is to be a parent and that you are awesome for doing something that sometimes even 2 people can't handle.

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