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There is nothing wrong with exploring your fun and youthful side. Mothers are multifaceted, meaning we play various roles that create who we are at heart. Being drunk is not the safest way to go b/c life is more dangerous even when out with girlfriends for a night out on the town. It has become imperative to maintain as much control as you possibly can through monitoring how much alcohol you consume in public places. This will allow you to respond appropriately and swiftly should a situation arises that requires your attention. If you want to be sloppy drunk have a night of fun with your husband or significant other at home and be creative!Maybe invite those girlfriends over and have a girls night while the kid(s) are away at grandma's house.Think of more than the fun you feel you would have to be in an out of control state of mind b/c it could have its consequences.

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    8Theresa Gould
    Alcohol not matter how much is consumed affects one's judgement.
      I agree Theresa... I am not an advocate of alcohol... but if one does plan to indulge just be wary of the consequences and the effects on judgement!
        Regardless if everyone agrees to participate in the consumption of alcohol, no mother can judge another b/c of their choice to drink. There are other issues that each mother can be judged on and someone not agree with choices they make or made. We are all adults making adult decisions and living is not about boxing ourselves up so no one will feel negatively about our choices and decisions. I do not judge any mother for her choice to drink whether I agree or not, my advocate is to be safe in all the choices one makes and think further than the now moment.