Busy, Busy & Busy

Bored it would be nice to feel that at times. Lol! when I have down time for me and my daughter has all of her needs cared for and my husband has all of what he needs as well, I do something I like to do such as reflect on myself and my life. I dream of things I would like to do and make plans to actively work toward them. Life is what we as mothers make of it so take the time to dream and live life! Dreaming and desires at heart do not stop after becoming a wife and mother. Dare to dream again and test the limits of life b/c you are the only person who can and will hold you back!!

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    8Theresa Gould
    Dreaming is fun.
      Being a mother is such an honor and blessing in my opinion and I cherish my role as a wife to my husband and mother. The key is finding balance in all the roles that we play in our daily living. Understand that your are still a woman with needs, desires and dreams yearning to be fulfilled outside of being a mother as precious as it is and choose not to be ashamed or feel guilty for that. In all actuality you are doing your husband and children a favor b/c you will enjoy those roles much more being fulfilled in other areas of your life and create a stronger and unbreakable bond with them b/c of your fulfillment.