Having trouble with my 4 year old.

She is very opinionated and hard to get to do anything. Cleaning her room is near impossible. I have tried everything from bribing to making it fun to threatening with throwing all her toys away(have thrown a lot of them away too). Nothing seems to work. And she is a very whiny child. She doesn't get her way and she cries for an hour. Any help would be appriciated. She is ruling the house right now and we are butting heads too much I feel.

    She does tend to get everything she wants. I have spoiled her since birth. She is very happy to do chores... all but her room. She helps with the bathroom, kitchen, laundry and dishes. But she just hates cleaning her room. I know a lot of the problem is that I spoiled her too much, but it seems very hard to get her away from that now. I am trying to teach her in a positive way that she can not get everything she wants when she wants it. But no matter what I try she just sits there and cries for hours until she gets bored with it.
      Letting her cry doesn't seem to help. I have threatened to throw toys away and all she says is, "do it." and even when I do throw them away, she just keeps it up. She is a very sweet girl who helps with everything. I just don't know why she hates cleaning her room so much when she helps me so willingly on the rest of the house. And she does pretty good on when I tell her no. It's just the room. and then other times is mostly going to bed. I would have to say going to bed is really bad. Other than that its just eating greens. lol.
        What about time outs? has this worked? To make them work you need to REALLY enforce them to sit ...even if it takes and hour and constant replacement.
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