1:45 a.m. can't sleep.

My daughter just fell out of her toddler bed, okay I'm assuming she rolled a little bit too far towards the edge I had JUST laid down to go to sleep and I heard a THUMP then she screamed. Half asleep I managed to run without stumping my toes on anything. I got to her and she instantly stands up and hugs me. We are sleeping on the couch together tonight. I'm so scared it's going to happen again.

    Don;t worry things happen! She will be ok... do you have those side guards for the bed? They are great and gives you peace of mind and prevents her from falling!
      Aww poor baby i always hated when that happend. We always took an extra blanket and put it under the edge of their toddler bed so just in case tgey rolled out it wouldnt hurt.
        Pillows are a good idea... you could always get the guard runs like Makeba said for the other area... they are great and will transfer easily to a larger bed!
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