touching places...

My oldest daughter touches herself when I change her Nd gets mad when I tell her that we don't do that. Is it normal to let her do this?

    Totally normal, my niece and nephew both went through this phase, just explain why you don't touch there and it'll pass.
      normal. Let her touch. She's tiny and wondering what it is down there
      Don't draw too much attention to it. It's NOT sexual. She's just messing with her body.
      If she does do it in public then say no no.. Our privates are for private.
      Let her explore. You don't want her to feel Shame about it. Ignore it. Tell her what it is. Say in a silly voice. Upp.. That's where your peepee comes out.
      Again. It's not sexual in any way. She's probably wondering wth it is...
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