7 month old sleeping issues

my 7 month old son has always been a good sleeper at night. he has been sleeping thru the night shortly after he was born. but now hes having trouble with sleeping at night. he naps good during the day but at night he wakes up several times and i dont understand why. what is going on? please help

    growth spurt, teeth... Belly... His mind is now thinking of fun things..
    I'd make sure his naps are before 3pm or earlier if you can. Shortened to no more than hour and a half and one a day.
    Then when he wakes up be SURE to stay consistent in putting him back down and leaving him there.
    Kids go through SO many sleep changes. Just when u get it down they do this.. It's exhausting.
    But stay consistent so he knows there's nothing to wake up for.
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