What age and what food did you start your little one on?!

Talon will be four months next week and I think I would like to introduce him to some Organic cereals or oatmeal any suggestion?! Is it too early? I heard rice cereal isn't great what's a good supplement

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    We tried at 6 months but he wasn't interested at all. Couldn't get him to eat purees or baby cereal but around 7.5 months we got him to eat roasted sweet potatoes cut lengthwise. Now at 10.5 months he'll eat anything we give him.

    It may be too early but it depends on the baby. Is he interested in the food you eat, sit well when supported, does he have good head control? If you're not sure asking your pediatrician never hurts. The cereals are good because it's an easy transition from formula or breast milk, hardly any difference in consistency.
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