​I began to suspect the presence of helminths in the body of my son. Today I read about the symptoms of infection by helminths: reduced appetite, bad breath, bad night's sleep and terrible teeth grinding. I wanted to ask does someone faced with a similar problem and if so, how were treated? I know that pumpkin seeds and garlic helps, but how to get the child to eat it. I also have a children's de-worming medication, but there's a chemistry, and it is an additional burden on the child's liver.

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    teeth grinding is almost always associated with parasites. Good catch.
      I would suggest you look up Jim Humble, Kerri Rivera and Andreas Klackner. They treat parasitic infections very easily. Kerri has a great book. Depending on the type meds it does not put stress on the liver. If you get a systemic, it will put stress, but things like combatrin and mebendazole do not stress the liver much, if at all because they are not systemic.
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        I've never heard of it, but have learned something new!