Annoyed at the hubby

They say the first year after having a baby is the toughest year of your relationship with your husband. But wow nobody told me it was this hard. I feel so annoyed with him all the time.

    I didn't know it's harder in the relationship ? I though it made the relationship stronger with a baby ????? Explain please ...
      I agree that it's hard. Part of it is that there are so many new things that come with being a mom that he just can't understand. I've physically and mentally changed in ways he hasn't. I had to make tough choices about my career, he didn't. I had to go through pain and recovery of childbirth, he didn't. I had to come to terms with the changes in my body and seeing myself as beautiful, he didn't. I had to struggle with pain and frustration of early breastfeeding, he didn't. I had to redefine myself in ways he didn't have to. People always grow and change over the course of a relationship, but usually it's gradual and together. Having a baby changed a woman suddenly in ways it just doesn't for a man. That puts a ton of strain on your relationship that takes a lot of effort to get through. The problem is a baby takes up so much of your time and energy it's really difficult to give that effort.

      With that said, I love my husband and I do think our marriage is growing stronger. But that doesn't mean it's easy. Strength takes a lot of work and sometimes it seems like your not making progress or even like it's getting worse. Don't give up and keep loving each other in any way you can.
      Very well said Taylor! Although there are times where my husband and I are both so tired from being up with the baby that we take it out on each other, and times where I'm snappy from being exhasted all the time we understand that it's just frustration or exhaustion talking and try to be understanding and forgive each other for it.
      Nobody is perfect, and we really do have to take the good with the bad. When I get mad that he doesn't take the trash out or something like that then I have to remind myself of all the things I love about him and then not taking the trash out doesn't seem worth getting upset about.
      Becoming a mum really has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions and new experiences but at the end of the day I think it's brought us closer for sure.
        it is hard... after 18 years of marriage and 3 children it still takes work! you will persevere! Sometimes i know hormones play a key just hang in there!
          Thank You ladies. It's nice to have somewhere to vent. I do love my husband very much but it does get hard at times. We don't always agree on certain subjects and I do get a bit overprotected and paranoid with our daughter especially when she isn't feeling well. Having a baby changes a woman in so may ways just like Taylor said and that's exactly how I feel. But having a baby does make your relationship stronger as well but you just need to find time to fight and get through the every day struggles. I think the most important piece of advice I can give you ladies that are expecting is try to find sometime for each other. In the beginning it's going to be difficult but as you get adjusted try to go out for date night. My husband and I have not followed that and our daughter is now 8 months later and I think that is part of the problem. Between work, home, and the baby we don't make any time for each other.
            Kathy ~ I have never really had a date night with my husband either... but we do make "us" time at home. Whether it is a movie or reading... just some time alone together works. usually after the kids are asleep works well!
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