My husband is adopted

My husband is adopted from Korea and has an amazing story. He was first brought to the US when he was 4 months old by a young family. They had two biological children already. He stayed with them until he was 2.5yrs old but the family never completed the adoption. The theory his they had decided to adopt in an attempt to save their marriage. The mother never bonded with my husband and the marriage fell apart anyway. She didn't want to complete the adoption so they put him into the foster care system.

His parents got a call about a toddler who needed a home. They already had an 8 year old girl they adopted from Korea years earlier and had always been interested in adding to their family. They took him in and fell in love. His father was almost 40 when he was adopted and his mother was late 30s. They were older but much better parents then the original family that took him in. I don't think age has anything to do with how good of a parent you can be. My husband has an amazing life and doesn't even remember that first family. It's all thanks to his parents that wanted to give their love to a child who needed it no matter what.

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anazing story
    I love hearing adoption stories that are as wonderful as this one!!! I to was adopted and went through a lot so i know some of how it feels! Just a beautiful story!!!
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      That is an amazing story. I am so glad he was adopted by two loving people who gave him a wonderful life. :) That warms my heart and makes me smile. Thank you for sharing.

      My husband is adopted as well. He went into the foster system at ten years old. Not many people could handle him because he had been through a lot, he and his siblings. He was placed with the Middleton's (and stayed with them, off and on because they were the only one's who could handle him. They were in their 50s and had 11 grown children). At 15, his mother gave up her rights and the Middleton's adopted my husband and his older brother. His two younger half-brothers were with another family. They could not afford to adopt them, so the Middleton's adopted those boys as well. My husband calls his biological mother by her first name because, to him, the woman who raised him is his real mother. This is the way I see it, too.

      He and I, eventually, would like to adopt a child or two as well. :)
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