I Can't wait!

So My Fiance and I have been through a lot! We have been together for 2 years in April, and in that short amount of time we lived in a one room rental with a shared kitchen and bath, problem being it was shared with two nasty old men who called me a slut and a c**t and managed to slit on of Josh's tires, and in the same day waited for me to walk home while he was at work and corner me until I was n our room with the door locked! The land lord moved us to another room in another house, this time it was with a couple who would drink, smoke pot, and fight all the time. We decided to move out after the man, who was at least 45, decided to text me that I was sexy, and not to tell his wife... we moved to a new apartment, this time the whole place was ours, but we ended up having financial problems and moved in with my grandparents, where my (at the time) 3 year old daughter Trinity was staying. Things were okay for a couple weeks, I got to spend alot of time with Trinity while Joshua went fishing with my Grandfather... that is until my 72 year old grandfather hit Trinity across the face and her butt, and decided to grab me and Trinity not letting us leave, Joshua asked him to let go 5 or 6 times before he finally had to grab him by the neck and pin him to the wall while I rushed Trinity out of the house. My grandfather was arrested that night and I had a restraining order put on him, my mother offered to let us stay with her and her fiance. Around a month into staying there my mother told us she did not like Joshua and he had to leave, but I could stay... Knowing Joshua had no where to go but in his truck in November.... I decided to leave with Josh and let my daughter stay there where she was safe and warm. But as for us, we ended up living in his ford f150 in the cold, in the middle of the woods. With no food, shelter, or money, I became desperate and decided to wait until my grandparents were not at home, and sneek in to gather up what we had for cloths and blankets (as my grandmother wouldn't let us have them back) we ended up getting caught and were sent to jail for breaking and entering. After 4 days in jail we were released only to find our truck impounded and had to walk through 4 towns in the cold. We finally got a ride back to bangor where we had started out in that one room, but this time we were staying with his sister and her girl friend. After christmas we were told to leave, and we ended up living out of his truck again, this time in the walmart parking lot. after 2 weeks we got up enough money to rent a motel room. For a month we stayed there, and i found out i was pregnant again. Knowing this we decided to rent an apartment with his sister and the father of her daughter (yes its the same sister long story) 2 months later after a fight with her she moved out, and we were on our way to serve our jail time from the incident in november. April to July we were in jail, July we got out and stayed between my friends house and his sisters house for a month, then we rented a room at the same motel as before, in October I gave birth to our daughter. We have now been at the motel for 4 months, as soon as income tax comes in we are going to get an apartment here in Bangor so that I can finally have BOTH of my daughters living with me, and not have to depend on any one else, hopefully this time we wont have to move again for a long time.

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