My easiest transition

For some reason going from #1 to #2 was the easiest transition for me. I am pregnant with #9 so I've had many pregnancies. I'm not sure why it was easier to go from 1 to 2, seems like it would be harder the more you have but it wasn't like that for me.

9Michelle FritchBellevue, Nebraska
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    I only have the one so far but I feel like the second would be easier then the first because you've already adapting to baby living and you kind of know what to expect. The kids don't outnumber you and your husband yet either!

    Was it hard going from 2 to 3? We want to have 3 kids...

    What about more then 3? I feel like it would get to a point where it's just a lot of kids and whether there is 5 or 6 doesn't make a huge difference...
    9Michelle Fritch
    It wasn't too difficult going from #2 to #3 I was already adapted to having 2 kids so bringing on another one wasn't too hard, I liked going from #1 to #2 the best because it was only two kids and I was already use to having a baby. It's got easier the more kids I've had now though, #3 to #4 seemed like it was harder because I had more kids but after #4 it seemed like it was nothing for me again. Weird how that works.
      7Kimberly Acord
      Going from 2 to three children wasn't really that hard. Three to four wasn't really that difficult either. Now, when I was pregnant with my Jaiden, who was number 5, I had numerous meltdowns thinking about it. I believe it was also just because there was a lot in my life that was falling apart right at that time. My grandpa had just passed away, and I had a large health scare, which made the thought a little more insurmountable. However, when I married my husband and brought two more into the equation, that wasn't that big of a deal either. Although we get some looks when we go out, and people tend to make comments.
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