What are your opinions on children getting spoiled? My son is 13 months old and my husband thinks we are spoiling him and I do not think that you can spoil a child yet. I don't give in to everything but at night when it is bedtime I coddle him a little more because he is going through some separation anxiety, I think, and I don't want him in distress before he goes to sleep.

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    Children are suppose to be spoiled lol!
      I spoil my kids rotten but they are at an age now where they have to learn responsibility so now they have to pick up their own toys and work a little for what they want. I personally want to teach mine that they cant have everything they want all the time. But at that young of an age I think all babies should be spoiled.
        I think theres a difference from spoiling and creating a child that expects and demands everything to giving them a great life with toys and things but to also teach them to be grateful and that not every day we get a toy...

        My kids are spoiled.. They have everything they could want, they are happy and loved and have a food and shelter and great beds and lots of toys and we do things and go places and hang out and play games.. and to most THAT seems spoiled, but my kids are NOT A-holes... They don't cry if I say no to something, they don't hit me or speak to me disrespectfully or each other (well they ARE siblings).. they know they earn things and they will still ask for stuff but they understand a NO...
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