Oh my god, when you have a child she should come first

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OMFG if I must say so, I can't say this on face book, but let me say here... NO ONE gives a fuck if your "dating" a man twice your age, big fucking deal... at 14 you lost your virginity to a man in his 40's ok we ALL get it your a slut you have ALWAYS been a slut... I'm just glad that the man I am with now is your damned brother, so I don't have to worry about you fucking ANOTHER one of my men, 4 is enough!! And so fucking what you can get in his Rig and travel from Maine to WHERE EVER.. how about putting on your fucking big girl panties and stop posting about how you want to be a run away.. you have a beautiful 2 year old daughter who loves you like crazy, and needs you, insted she is with YOUR SICK mother, who can barely handle her, you don't deserve to be happy.. Just sayin...

    And I am saying this because she was a friend of mine for the last 8 years who had a baby, ended up leaving the father for a woman who had money, leaving him for a sex offender, who sold drugs out of our apartment and Joshua and I had to care for the poor child for months while the mother "found her self" once Josh even caught her putting a pillow over the babys mouth and pushing up and down on it because at 1 1/2 she was screaming from being locked in her room all day. This bitch SHOULD not have her child, and it's good that she doesnt any more, but what I have gone through for my kids, well I can't imagine just up and leaving state and giving my daughter to a mother who is sick and been though 17 surgeries... it's selfish and cruel.
      I understand. And I apologize for cussing, but as a mother of 2 and the girl who took care of her baby I am very frustrated, and because of being engaged to her brother, I can't say ANYTHING bad about her or the way she treats her child, it seems as though the only one who agrees is Josh. It kills me to go to his mothers house and see this poor kid talk about her "mommy" knowing that she never sees her, and she lives with her grandmother who is too sick to play, every time we go out there Joshua plays with her and she has even begged to come home with us or for us to stay there with her, she is now terrified of people leaving her even if it is only to go to the bathroom, my biggest worry is that because his mother is so sick and the childs mother is mia most of the time that the child will end up getting taken away, if I could have her with me I would take her in a heart beat but we dont have the room or the money, so I guess what I am saying is this rant was more out of fear though the wording should have been better
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