I'm having trouble getting my husband to understand why I'm upset

I had a meeting today after church. Normally we grab lunch with friends. So he was still planning on doing that. But suddenly as we were walking out of service he asked if he was going to be taking care of our son or if there was child care. We are both very active in our church, so he has at least one meeting a week. Unless there is a reason I can't, I always take care of our son during his meetings. It's not a complaint, I love all my time with me son. But I assume if he's busy I will be taking care of the baby.

So for him to be surprised that I expected him to take our son today and to ask so last minute made me crazy. In addition to that he has raised an issue lately that he would appreciate if I could offer my help more often when he is doing certain tasks with our son. Tasks that I never ask for help with and I always do by myself, like changing a poopy diaper.

I never expected our care of the kids to be 50/50. I always knew I would be doing more of it. Mostly because he has no experience with kids and has to be taught a lot of what needs to be done. But he has been amazing in taking care of our son and embracing being a daddy. So I don't get where these sudden issues are coming from. Sorry for the long post but I really don't have any one else to go to with this.

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