i HAVE to loose weight to be put on the medicine i need to get pregnant,and even though i want a baby more than anything in the world i cant seem to stick to a diet!

    That is tough Jodi, but maybe if you looked into weight watchers or something that can help keep you accountable you will stick to it better. Good luck, just keep your eye on the end goal which is starting a family! I got a great little monitor called a FitBit and it counts your steps and it allows you to set a step goal for the day, it encourages you to get up and walk and move around more, maybe you could try that too!
      thanks guys!!!! really love the support. ill get with my doctor and see what we can do!
        4Emily Goforth
        I also have pcos, I was diagnosed 8 yrs into my pregnancy trials. But I did get pregnant, I have a son and daughter and baby #3 on the way. It's possible, I understand it's really hard, discouraging at times. Keep your eye on the end result, a sweet miracle! You can do it, I have faith! If you wanna chat I'm here.
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        My name is Jodi Turner. I am 23 years old:) I recently married my best friend and love of my life on April 24,2013! We have decided to try to have our first baby unfortunately we just found out that I probably have pcos! :(