I'm not ready...

It feels like time keeps flying by. Toots turns 11 next week. 11 already and finishing her last semester of grade school. I'm not ready. She keeps outgrowing her clothes and looks less and less like a baby every day. I'm not ready. She talks of being an oncologist (she originally wanted to be a pediatric oncologist, but has since changed her mind because "I want to help people like Molly too.." Molly is her friends mom who has battled cancer her entire adult life). She's making plans. I'm not ready. She's learning to style her own hair...without mommy's help...I'm not ready. She's getting too heavy to sit on my lap and I can't carry her anymore. I'm not ready. I'm not ready to let go of that chubby little angel face, smiling behind red stained lips from juice and oreo cookies. I'm not ready to for her to stop playing on the playground with her friends. I'm not ready for her to grow up, to mature, to let a certain innocent part of her childhood go. I'm not ready, and I never will be. But she is.

I'm not ready...I'm not ready...
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